Magickal Self Care Holiday Gift Guide Part #1 |discount code included!|

If you're still in search of that perfect gift you have come to the right place! By shopping with Moon Magick Boutique you are supporting a small business made up of items from all female owners & creators! In this blog post you will find some of the perfect gifts to give to your loved ones that I have curated with items from my boutique. As a thank you, I am offering a discount code of $5 dollars off your purchase that has at least two items included from the Holiday Gift Guide Collection! Use code: MAGICKHOLIDAY5 at checkout to take advantage of this deal!

Holiday Gift Guide: Denik Journal, Pink Opal Crystal, and I AM Affirmation Deck

1. Self Love Affirmation Bundle

These items are perfect for the person who is on their own self love journey or even for someone who wants to delve deeper into their inner self. This bundle includes a Denik water resistant, velvety smooth lined notebook to keep track of all your thoughts, affirmations, gratitude lists, brain dump, etc. The front cover is a reminder to "Flow through your phases" and to take time learning and growing with yourself. Next up are the I AM Everything Affirmation cards. These will help get you out of your negative self talk and get you in the habit of reminding yourself of your worth. These cards are best used daily. You can choose which card you want for the day or you can shuffle randomly and choose a card to say aloud and meditate on throughout your day. Use these as often as you like or once a day, you can do no wrong when focusing on your intent with positive affirmations. Finally, this bundle comes with a Pink Opal Polished Point to vibrate with your heart chakra and aid in healing and nurturing your heart. Pink Opal is known to help work through deep seeded fears and trauma by guiding us through it and helping us let go. 


Full Moon Bath Bomb with Moonstone Crsytal Inside, Denik Journal, and Aemthyst Druzy

2. Flowering of Conciousness Bundle

This bundle includes items that will alleviate anxiety and stress with the ultimate of self care. This bundle includes a Full Moon bath bomb that has a moonstone crystal inside that will help you recharge your emotional and physical self. The combination of the moonstone with the bath bomb and the beautiful amethyst druzy will help you harness your intuitive and empathetic ability to guide you in recharging yourself spiritually and emotionally. The bath bomb is for one time use, to help ease your physical pains in relaxation but you can keep these crystals forever, charging them under the full moon's light. This bundle also comes with a Denik water resistant lined notebook to write down what you would like to let go of and your manifestations under the full moon, along with keeping track of all your other thoughts and emotions to remind you of your emotional strength when you need it. 

Denik Spiral Journal that says Dreams and Schemes, Full Moon Bath Bomb with Moonstone Crystal Inside, and Witches Brew Body Oil with crystals and reikei

3. Dreams, Schemes, & Magick

This bundle is for the magickal free spirited cosmic soul, or for anyone who lives for anything dreamy and ethereal. This bundle includes the Full Moon Bath Bomb that has the Moonstone included as mentioned above, a spiral hardcover Denik notebook that has an elastic closure and a pocket inside. This notebook also includes a blank space for the date on each page perfect for an every day journal, dream journal, etc. This bundle also includes the Witch's Brew body oil that is reikei and crystal infused. This limited edition body oil is in limited supply and won't be here forever. Crystals inside include: Lapis Lazuli | opens the third eye + perception of the world, Moonstone | connection with dreams & the moon. & Crystal Quartz | master healer + protection. Notes of Candied Apples, Cinnamon, Toasted Marshmallows, Amber, and Patchouli.

Denik Vegan Leather journal, Palo Santo Hydrosol Oil, Sustainable Palo Santo stick

4. The Sustainable Trio

This bundle is made up of all sustainable items, making it a guilt free gift for anyone who purchases it and receives it. The Denik notebook is made out of beautiful sustainable vegan leather with white embroidered flowers. This notebook is water resistant and lays flat making it easier to jot down your thoughts and ideas. This bundle also includes one Palo Santo Stick along with a glass bottle of Palo Santo & Rose Hydrosol that is used as a room spray for cleansing. This Palo Santo is one of the only harvested plants in the world that also helps by donating a portion of the profits to educating farmers on sustainable growing. The Palo Santo oil is made from the Palo Santo Tree without having to chop it down, making it a much more sustainable option. The Palo Santo stickers are also only taken from trees that have grown for at least 8+ years. This spray is perfect for those wanting to cleanse their space while also enjoying the scent of Palo Santo but also having the ability to feel good about their purchase and where their money is going. 

Denik Embroidered Faux Suede Journal, and Calm Cream reikei infused and crystal infused for exzcema

5. Soothe your soul & body

This bundle includes a Denik journal that is made of faux suede and metallic threads that make up a Scandinavian Folk Art floral pattern with a gorgeous red marker to keep your place. This bundle also includes the Calm Cream that is Reikei and crystal infused (Infused with Green Aventurine which is known for it’s anti-inflammatory effect, easing skin eruptions, such as acne, eczema, rosacea, and soothes allergies.) perfect for a little calm to soothe skin prone to Eczema, Dermatitis, or severely dry + chapped skin. This item is also made in small batches. 

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide and I look forward to seeing what you enjoy most. I will be posting more gift guides so stay tuned by signing up to my newsletter to get the latest updates sent right to your email! If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me at either or sending me a DM on Instagram


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