July 2021: Monthly Tarot Horoscope for the Zodiac

Welcome to the July edition of Moon Magick's Monthly Tarot Horoscope for the Zodiac. These were pulled from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck with each sign receiving messages from one card. Remember, if it resonates it's yours to claim, but if it doesn't resonate, leave it. You can go off of your Sun sign or your Rising sign, whichever you feel most drawn to. If you would like a more personalized reading, please visit my Tarot & Oracle Services page and book a reading! I would love to help you find the guidance you're looking for <3 


Capricorn: The Emperor

Take a step back and reflect on where you’re at right now. Recognize your achievements and organize the goals you still have ahead. You are an extremely hard worker and you do not stray far from the hustle but it’s important to take time to take care of yourself before you become too burnt out to fully recover. If it’s not your career that is begging for this release, it might be your emotional state. You’re allowed to ask for help and it isn’t the end of the world to not control everything around you. Let go and enjoy yourself a little before moving on to the next project you have.

Aquarius: Knight of Swords Reversed

You might find yourself feeling stuck right now or feeling restless. Have you been trying to achieve something with little luck? You might be going about it the wrong way which is holding you back. Trust your intuition and let the Universe guide you so that you can find your path again. It’s okay to get lost sometimes, but don’t let it turn into a massive detour.

Pisces: 3 of Wands Reversed

As a Pisces you might be more of a home body or just wanting to play it safe. With the three of wands reversed it is showing that you might have put a project or your personal growth on the back burner. I know it can be overwhelming, especially when emotions raise the stakes on the risk that lies ahead, but it’s time you move on to the next phase of whatever you’re currently working on so that you can progress. Don’t let outside energy mess with your confidence, you are capable and will make it through, you might just have to push a little harder than what is comfortable for you.

Aries: The Hermit Reversed

It’s time get out of your head and out of your comfort zone. If you have been working on yourself lately and becoming more introspective, you might have gotten your self stuck there and got a little too comfortable with the isolation. This can cause you to get more heated emotions when it comes to taking action. Push yourself to connect with others around you and spend quality time with those you love to get yourself out of your head. Your fiery personality excels when you are able to engage with others and stimulate your mind.

Taurus: Five of Swords Reversed

During this time you might be going through a period of hurt or resentment. As a Taurus you’re extremely loyal and dependable but you can also be quite stubborn and get into disagreements easily, even over something small. The Five of Swords Reversed suggests that you might be upset over a disagreement or past resentments and it’s really messing with your psyche. This will be a good time to regain your footing and focus on yourself in order to gain your balance again. Not every argument needs to be won, sometimes its better to just let it go and take care of yourself.

Gemini: Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands represents energy, passion, adventure but also impulsiveness. You may find yourself bursting with energy right now which is great. You are in a good spot in your life right now and you’re highly motivated to achieve your goals. This is a good time for you to really lay the foundation for your future, but make sure that you consider your actions before fully executing them as the Knight of Wands also warns us to think before we act. This is nothing to be alarmed about though, just trust your intuition and what feels right for you.

Cancer: Two of Wands

This is your season Cancer! With the two of wands I am feeling like there are some decisions to be made and you might be working on a plan leading up to these decisions. No matter what it is, this month will be useful in planning and really focusing on what you want in the long term because this is a period of great transition for you. Are you willing to take the risk or are you going to stick to what you know within your comfort zone? You know you can trust yourself because as a Cancer you’re highly intuitive and in touch with your emotions. Whichever way you choose, just be sure to set out a strong plan before execution. 

Leo: Three of Cups Reversed

You might be feeling pretty burnt out or more introverted during this time. The Three of Cups reversed shows that you might need to focus on taking a break and giving yourself some much needed personal time for rest and relaxation. This could be happening with just your personal life or in your other relationships too. Take a step back and evaluate where you are currently and find what is causing you the most stress and give yourself permission to take a break.

Virgo: The High Priestess

As a Virgo you’re typically the one to bring order and organization around you. You may be a good care taker or the one in your friend group to always plan things or take the responsibility. The High Priestess is a great reminder of our inner divine feminine. With this card, it can be symbolizing the need to get in touch with yourself again and become more introspective. Nurture your mind and soul during this time. You don’t always have to be the care taker of everyone around you, sometimes you need to focus on just taking care of yourself and your own needs.

Libra: The Hierophant Reversed

If you are starting to question your path or if you’re doing what is authentic to you, it might be time to really take your thoughts into consideration. The Hierophant Reversed symbolizes questioning of traditions, relationships, finances etc. No matter what it is you’re questioning, just be sure to listen to your intuition and let it guide you in making the right choices. This also tells us that if you’re feeling restricted or confined within something or someone, it’s a good sign to re-evaluate to see if you need to make changes or regain control of a situation.

Scorpio: The Devil 

This might be a hard time for you right now as you are questioning your actions and how you aren’t seeing any long term results. Looking into your inner shadow and finding the parts of your behavior that seek instant gratification could help you see more clearly what you need to work on in your life. You aren’t keeping high enough expectations for yourself or others around you which isn’t going to last in the long term. It’s time to stop and re-evaluate your plan of action and see how you can start achieving your higher goals that will make long lasting positive change in your life.

Sagittarius: Three of Swords

As a Sagittarius you’re sentimental and caring but you can also be more prone in hiding your deeper emotions until you’re alone to deal with them by yourself. You could be going through a rough time right now and it may feel like everything is just piling up. The best thing you can do for yourself is let yourself feel your emotions and release them in any way you can like crying or writing them down, any way to get them out. You can’t walk around much longer holding everything inside, you have to find healthy ways to release it so that you can begin the journey of healing.

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