Moon Magick 1 Month in & Top 5 Reasons to Shop Small

It has officially been about a month since I launched! I was on Etsy with pretty good success and I still am on Etsy for certain items. I am still growing into my website, but I have so many exciting ideas to come. So far I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with a few small businesses (see list at the bottom of this post) by purchasing their products at wholesale to share with you all in my boutique. I am passionate about doing what I can to help others, and this I feel is the perfect way to help small businesses get more exposure outside of companies like Amazon. I am not trying to demonize Amazon, because we all know how convenient it can be for certain things, however, I feel with the way our economy has been and the state of the world, it's important to help our own, which are the people who own these businesses and are working hard to make it the best they can. 

Top 5 Reasons to Shop Small:

  1. Packaging! Most small businesses focus on the little details like packaging and doing it with care. It’s like opening a gift from a friend when you receive your order! I, like many others, love to include freebies in each order as well whether it be stickers or maybe an item I have an overstock in.
  2. Knowing where your money is going. When you shop at big corporations you have no idea where that money is going. Of course it could be going to paying its employees, but as we all know the employee’s aren’t always making a livable wage. By choosing to shop small for even HALF of the items you would normally get from a big company, you’re helping families put food on the table and keep a roof over their head. You’re also encouraging the creative talent that humans thrive off of.
  3. Quality, Quality, Quality. In small businesses they can’t afford to not have quality products. They are already competing with big companies with pricing, so they need to make it up with quality. It's a tough competition out there trying to price your items within a small business when someone is offering it somewhere else cheaper, but lower quality. I urge you to find small businesses that fit your style in clothing, self care, body care, coffee, etc. More times than not these items are top notch quality and ethically sourced versus being mass produced (think fast fashion), coming from workers barely making money in harsh conditions, and quality compromised for offering a cheap price. This can also help encourage others to create their own business making it more accessible for people to get themselves out of horrible working conditions and making a more livable wage.
  4. Art. There are a lot of small businesses that incorporate their own art into their products. Whether that be in actual prints, stickers, stationary, or their labels. Art is a high ticket item and even though they may not be famous enough to be in a museum, you’re supporting an artist on their way to success and seeing their development in the early stages. You never know when one will become “viral” and being a part of that process by having a piece of their hard work is like nothing you can describe. It’s also a ton of good karma to support creators and artists living their passion.
  5. Making a difference. Shopping small automatically makes you someone making a difference in our world. By making even one purchase you’re part of a domino effect of engagement and recognition of humans just like you working their hardest to make their passions come alive and that right there is one of the most special things you can do for someone.

Moon Magick Updates:

New tie-dye lounge sets are up and ready for order! I also have some other tie-dye options to choose from along with a new sticker design! This sticker was inspired by the VP debate and Kamala's constant struggle to make her voice heard which is not unfamiliar to women all over. I also have added some Halloween bracelets and masks! See pictures below!

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Let me know what you think and add any other ideas you have in the comments below!


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