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Sustainable Palo Santo & Rose Water Hydrosol

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3.75oz Organic Rose and Palo Santo Room Spray

  • Eco-safe Home Fragrance Spray!
  • Palo Santo is currently endangered, we source the only sustainable Palo Santo.
  • Our Rose Hydrosol is made organically
  • Palo Santo is used to clean space and make a safe and energetically nice environment.
  • Rose is healing and pacifying.

This is a room fragrance or for the environment around you. Palo Santo is too astringent for the skin. All products are processed with FDA guidlines. 

Palo Santo & Sustainability:

This Palo Santo is 100% sustainably harvested from Peru and Ecuador with a portion of the proceeds going to a non-profit that educates native farmers on ethical harvesting methods. In addition Palo Santo Oil uses much less of the plant matter and does not require the use of trees that are 8+ years; meaning they can get more safely from the tree at any age and the tree can continue to grow. Sticks require the tree to be 8+ years and are the actual tree so they are not as sustainable. Palo Santo Oil is the future of Palo Santo. You have your finger on the future of sustainable smudging.

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