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Moon Magick Boutique was created in the Spring of 2020 by Alexis. It all started on Etsy with handmade items such as tie-dye, stationary, & stickers alongside a collection of crystals. As Moon Magick grew, Alexis opened up a domain for Moon Magick Boutique which is when it became an online only boutique with not only items made my Alexis & her sister Ashley but also with a collection of curated items from other mainly female owned small businesses.

As you see Moon Magick Boutique now, it is an inclusive boutique with an emphasis on magick, art, & self care. Our products range from crystals, hand dyed tie dye, handmade crystal & reiki infused self care items, stickers & stationery, & other handmade items that can be utilized in your self care & magick practice. 

The newest addition to Moon Magick Boutique is the expansion of Alexis & her intuitive tarot reading services. She uses her knowledge of tarot and intuition to tap into the energy of her clients to help guide them on whichever topic they would like more insight or guidance with.

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